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How sweet it is

Yowza; the Rutgers women's basketball team finally got to host a few tournament games after being on the short stick in that regard in recent years, and they didn't disappoint in their throttling of Auburn. While they will have to go to Oklahoma City instead of Trenton, Purdue is on the slate next after upsetting UNC.

The bad news

Schiano said there was still no update on Rutgers' elusive 12th game for the fall, with the Oct. 10 date still open. The likelihood appears to be that it will almost have to be a Football Championship Subdivision opponent, which would give the Knights two former 1-AA teams on their home schedule.

If there's something to that, the schedule probably won't be finalized until all the ticket renewals are in. One way to take the heat off that kind of announcement would be to concurrently announce new future OOC games with BCS conference teams. Alternatively, maybe there's something still in the works with a team like Wyoming, and this kind of talk sets expectations low enough that it wouldn't seem as bad.

The good news is that Mike Teel is going to visit the Giants, Jets, Bears, and Seahawks. One report yesterday had Greg Olson from the Rams watching Teel throw. With the team's attending the workout, who can really say anything for certain. The Giants use so many smoke screens and double reverse fakeouts leading up to the draft that no one can really read them for sure. The Jets had the larger contingent there, and they might have legit interest in Teel. As local teams, both can bring in as many Rutgers players as they want before the draft.

KB wants to prove his critics wrong.

After running a 4.47 yesterday, James Townsend wants one more crack at the NFL.

Even though he's a heck of a player, any praise for Hakeem Nicks over the next month is less than welcome here. The other day though, Butch Davis brought up an important point that also very much applies to RU's corps of receivers.

"We run (offensively) what everybody in the NFL runs," Davis said. "So every kid here has run every route, every route adjustment you can run. Every kid here knows how to move a defender and change the leverage of the corner or safety because of his release. They're going to come out of here and be a lot more polished than most college receivers."

The Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni is inducting six new members.

Found this at Jim Carty's blog: Star-Ledger staffers have been widely circulating internal emails indicating that unpaid furloughs are on the horizon. There's plenty of pain to go around, because the same thing is going to happen at Gannett papers (and probably everywhere else, too).