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Spring break's over

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Greg Schiano spoke with Dave Curtis from the Sporting News over the weekend. It sounds like he's fine with Brown, Hayes, and Mase at WR, but understandably nervous about QB.

Joe Martinek is spouting platitudes.

It was a little too close at the end, but the Rutgers women's basketball team beat VCU.

The Miami Dolphins are doing their homework.

The Dolphins will travel this week for private on-campus workouts with Davis, Rutgers receiver Kenny Britt

Nominations are now being accepted for the Rutgers football Hall of Fame class of 2009.

Rutgers superfan Abe Rosen is still going to games at 95 years young.

Eric Foster received a cool six figure bonus for his rookie year with the Colts.

Darnell Stapleton graduated from Rutgers, but he started out his college career at Hudson Valley CC, and recently returned there as a guest of honor.

Baseball was swept by USF. Wrestling didn't fare much better in their swan song for the year.

More off-campus housing is on the way to New Brunswick.

Xanadu is about to be delayed, again.