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Cherry Picking

Mike Garafolo reports that,

I heard from several scouts that WR Kenny Britt, DB Jason McCourty and TE Kevin Brock were the most impressive players today.

Rutgers has their "official" numbers up, but Garafalo (who provides numbers for those three) says that Rutgers posted the most impressive workout numbers, when the scouts in attendance recorded a wide variety of scores. At least the official data will have accurate information about heights and weights.

On another note, I have been made aware of a poster on the CBS Sports message boards reprinting part of my Friday pro day preview without attribution. Thanks for your readership, but I would appreciate providing a link in the future.

Update: sorry, a little preoccupied today. Tom Luicci has a lot more. As a side note, league meetings in California are going to be the main focus for the NFL this week, keeping most GMs and Coaches away from campuses. However, 41 scouts from 27 schools is a good sign. also reported that Sosa was in attendance. Sargeant says Mayock had Britt between 4.43-4.45.

Update2: the consequence of not following the Jets is missing reports like this:

The Jets will bring in Rutgers QB Mike Teel (word is, they like him), Britt, WR Tiquan Underwood, TE Kevin Brock and former Rutgers T Pedro Sosa for workouts in the coming weeks. Sosa, who underwent microfracture surgery on his left knee last year and sat out last season after being released by Miami in September, told me he's 100 percent healthy and extremely hungry after sitting out a year. ...