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Spring practice withdrawal

ESPN's Brian Bennett talked to Dom Natale on Friday.

Likewise, Kenny Britt spoke with Jets Confidential; nothing new there though.

Dunno how realistic this is, but Tim Pernetti should call Colorado and see if they're interested in coming to Piscataway in 2009.

The women's basketball team is awaiting word on their tournament seeding tonight.

Trevor Melde was snubbed, as Matt Pletcher is the only Scarlet Knight who will get an at-large bid for wrestling.

Baseball split with PSU over the weekend.

L.J. Smith expects to sign with the Atlanta Falcons.

John Rowe passes along more transfer rumors from the BET.

The "good" part about Quincy Douby being stuck in the D-League is that he actually gets a chance to play. 16 points in 16 minutes? John Hollinger would probably approve.

The New York Times...looks at Piscataway real estate?