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Kenny Britt 3-pack

Kenny Britt was on Sirius radio this afternon. From what I'm told, the Eagles showed interest in him at the Combine, and the Giants want to touch base soon. Britt talked about working with Matt Stafford at API, and is now training with Rod Smith. Kenny plans to run the 40 yard dash again, and hopes to score a better time.

Speaking of my favorite player, Jeff Risdon from RealGM is back again with some more detailed analysis from a NFL scout. Call off the dogs, these comments are fair.

JR: I stepped in some hot water with the Rutgers fan base regarding my comments about Kenny Britt. I know you’ve spent some time looking at him and would like your thoughts.

Scout: Let me guess, you compared him to TO (laughs, because I did). He’s a load, that’s for sure. Real long kid. He’s always open even though he’s not the fastest kid, just great feet and body position. And that’s what I would say about TO. I’d like to see him hit the weight room a little harder. know what else he does that reminds me of TO? He slacks on the concentration sometimes.

JR:What about his character? (note: I quoted another scout that called Britt "Overconfident to the point of absurdity" and briefed him on this as part of the question)

Scout: Well, he doesn’t lack for confidence, that’s for sure. But that’s not a negative in my book. I want a kid to tell me he’s going to catch everything we throw to him and he’ll make our team better. He’s not a bad trash talker or a negative kid at all. He knows he’s good and isn’t shy about it, but his teammates never had any problem with him that I ever saw. Now, I do worry that he’s already peaked out. And that’s where that self-confidence can hurt, you know, if he feels like he’s done the work already.

And in your final note, I apparently stopped checking to see who Britt's agent was right before it was announced, because I found an article from last month with the answer.

Atlanta-based NFL player agent Todd France has signed projected NFL first-rounder Vontae Davis, a defensive back out of Illinois.

France also has signed Rutgers safety Courtney Greene, Northern Illinois defensive back Larry English, Maryland defensive back Kevin Barnes, Rutgers wide receiver Kenny Britt, Oklahoma safety Nick Harris and Southern Miss linebacker Gerald McRath.