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Day One

Manny Abreu being moved to the weakside was mentioned in the press conference last week, and Tom Luicci talked to Antonio Lowery about his reaction to the competition with Abreu this spring. Either way, Ryan D'Impaler is going to lead the defense in 2009. And gazooks, Mase Robinson is getting a look at WR. Kordell Young's knee injury would seem to complicate matters there a little. D.C. Jefferson apparently looks, well, like a green redshirt freshman in his first day of spring practice.

Pics are up, but when is going to post a spring prospectus? Right now, fans have to piece it together from that article, and Keith Sargeant's spring preview from the other day (Fooch talked to him recently about spring practice). Legrand is at DT again (he's still listed at LB on the official roster)? Des Wynn working at guard confirms some talk from last fall (Ruiz apparently was working at DE for a while, but is back at TE where the depth chart is much thinner). Of note at OL is that Newell, Muldrow, Lange, and Romulus aren't in the two deep at the moment.

If the media just ran the same 'metro college basketball is terrible' story every year, would anyone even notice at this point? Rutgers basketball seemingly received a favorable draw with Notre Dame last night. However, it has just been that kind of year in that three upstarts prevailed in Seton Hall, St. John's, and, DePaul?!?!?!?!?!? Yet, the Scarlet Knights are the ones who end up going home. At least Greg Echenique is still in high spirits. The men's basketball team has also reportedly received a commitment from Center/Forward Brian Okam for Orlando, Fla. That replaces Morris; now to sign a point guard.

Protect R Turf understands the reasoning for the ticket price increase.

The St. Louis Rams signed a blocking fullback. Ok, my patience has run out. Brian Leonard needs a fresh start.

Lance Zierlein with the Houston Chronicle sees Courtney Greene as one of the best values in the 2009 draft. Greene might fall, but it's hard to argue with 3 1/2 years of strong play, including a resurgence in the second half of 2008.

Courtney Greene, SS, Rutgers: Greene has played both safety positions but is best suited at strong safety. He's a big hitter and I was impressed with his instincts and football intelligence during the Shrine Game practices. He lacks discipline at times, but he's active and always around the ball and I think a team will take him in the fourth round and get a solid starter with a year or two.

Auburn back Brad Lester has been training at DeFranco's in New Jersey with, among others, Kevin Brock and Brian Cushing.

J'Vonne Parker signed with the Denver Broncos. L.J. Smith is thinking about (shudder) the Lions.

Bet you never thought that Darnell Stapleton would make it into NYC tabloid gossip columns.

STEELERS SIGN IN: Super Bowl champion Ben Roethlisberger was the toast of Vegas on Friday night. Dining at Tao with Pittsburgh Steelers teammates Willie Colon, Darnell Stapleton and Trai Essex, the Cristal-drinking group of 20 couldn't go more than"five minutes before someone wanted a picture or an autograph," our spy shared.

The wrestling team awaits word on how many bids they'll receive to nationals in St. Louis.

Mike "Nero" Tranghese is still trying to carve out a legacy.

I think our members would like to add a ninth team, but the right team is not out there yet. I think some day if it’s there, they’ll want to go after it. Football is a very competitive business and we’re trying to compete with conferences larger than us. I mean we’re trying to compete with the Southeastern Conference which has an inherent advantage being in the South. I have an inherent basketball advantage because I’m in New York. We all have inherent advantages and disadvantages. You’ve got to recognize what you have and what you don’t have. We need for Syracuse to start winning in football. I don’t think we can have any of our programs struggling. I think every one of them has got to be healthy.

Giving credit where it's due: Ted Sherman wrote a very good article about the ongoing struggle between the Prudential Center and Izod.