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Outlandish rumors

There's at least smoke surrounding Corey Chandler. There was some talk surrounding Greg Echenique, but it's apparently unfounded. Now comes the NY Daily News, with perhaps the most off the wall rumor yet.

Fordham, a sinking ship in the Atlantic 10, may sink even further if the rumor of Jio Fontan bolting from Fordham comes to fruition.

Fontan, the Rams’ freshman phenom (and really, the only reason to watch Fordham this season) is said to be joining Rutgers’ Mike Rosario as a package deal and heading to Atlanta to become Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

In the interests of full disclosure, I did decide to link to that blog entry and give everyone a chance to decide for themselves. That does outweigh the downside of panicking everyone for no good reason. However, I haven't heard a thing about this, and it's probably certain to be nonsense.