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Staff shakeup is reporting that Randy Trivers is the new RB coach, and Robb Smith will be assuming duties as ST coordinator.

I really like the Trivers hire; he was on my speculation list a few weeks ago. Trivers is connected in Maryland, and can help with recruiting in that area. Even though Syracuse's record was abysmal, and they didn't seem to bring in much talent over the past few years, I have heard very good things about Trivers. Plus, their rushing attack did look better in 2008.

In a bit of a surprise, Smith is replacing Chris Rippon as ST coordinator. The team's special teams were dreadful in 2008, but they also were in 2007. It was hard to say how much blame he deserved for the unit's poor performance. Still, this change is somewhat of a surprise.

Now there's technically no one from New England on staff again (for recruiting purposes), although it's not a huge deal. I'll be interesting to see whether between Fraser and Smith, Rutgers tries to get more involved in Western Pennsylvania. The big coup however was landing Trivers, and he should help a lot in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia.

Rutgers is still looking for a receivers' coach. It will have to be a graduate assistant, as Gary Brown was during his year as RB coach.