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The Saga Continues

Per Zags

"I am proud to be at Rutgers," he said in the statement. "Earlier this week, I vented my frustrations after a tough loss, in a private phone call. I apologize to Coach Hill, the coaching staff and my teammates for the distraction it created. I look forward to remaining a Scarlet Knight and doing whatever I can to help the team win."

Stay tuned. He could still very well leave.

I was going to wait until after the season to vent at Fred Hill, but I stand by everything I said even without a symbolic program destroyer like a Chandler transfer. Furthermore, there are two myths that I would like to address:

1. That Hill's failings retroactively vindicate Gary Waters. No, no, a thousand times no, in no shape or form. Gary Waters is a winning coach in the Horizon League and the MAC, not in the Big East. He is a better Xs and Os coach about Hill, but much worse in other areas. There's a lot about his tenure that hasn't publicly come out. Rutgers is fortunate to have fired him before it saw even worse publicity than the end of the Kevin Bannon era. That being said; it would have been better for everyone's sake if Hill had first gotten experience at a MAAC or Northeast-level job before taking the reins at Rutgers.

2. That the fans were calling for Greg Schiano's head in 2004 - bullcrap. Complete revisionist history. Schiano would have been in trouble if he didn't at least crack .500 in 2005, but there was no serious support to oust him.

Anyway, it's too bad for me that I won't be able to peak at the football presser transcripts for most of the day. Hope all goes well on that front.