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That's what the 2009 Rutgers football schedule lists for October 10th (the Cincinnati game is also subject to change). Theoretically, you'd have to assume that a game would be possible during the first week of October too. Currently, Rutgers has four scheduled games on national television, and it's possible that Cincinnati or Maryland (and the TBA game if it's against a good team) could be picked up.

The schedule is also front-loaded, with five of the first six games at home, which will help a young squad find its legs. I can't reiterate this enough though: it's a very easy schedule at this point. The best Big East teams from 2008 all visit Rutgers Stadium. Finding a MAC team looking for a paycheck would be the bare tolerable minimum for the 12th game. What the schedule really needs is another quality out of conference game.

Watching the presser video just now, the biggest injury-related announcements were that Kordell Young reinjured his knee in the bowl game, and that Gary Watts is behind schedule. Young's injury is big news; it might quell any talk of moving Mason Robinson to another position, and that might just be the opportunity Robinson needs to see more touches. Knee injuries are tough for a running back. It could be something that lingers on for a while. With the news that Watts won't be back until midseason, I'd bet that his career on the banks has probably come to a close.

Joe Lefeged is the most prominent player that will miss spring practice, which should give some of the younger safeties on the roster a chance to get decent reps. San San Te is recovering from back issues, and Marcus Witherspoon will be limited.

Apparently a new roster/depth chart was handed out to the attending media, but it's not online yet. The most prominent point mentioned about that was that Alex Silvestro will see time at DE this spring. That's not only possibly his best position, but it's also probably tied to the fact that Justin Francis and Scott Vallone are healthy and ready to contribute inside.