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A little pot stirring

The weirdest thing just popped up on Google blog search. The blog SportsCream claims to be a repository for anonymous commentary from professional sportswriters. The latest post is entitled "A Week of Wonder in the Life of Rutgers Athletics", and it's a doozy; slogging, among others, Tim Pernetti, Chris Carlin, Rutgers lacrosse, Fred Hill, Greg Schiano, and C. Vivian Stringer. Now, some of what's said there may even be justified. I have echoed a couple of those points on occasion.

But truly, any person who would dare disparage C. Vivian Stringer has to be a certified psychopath (yes, Don Imus and UConn fans count). Yes, Greg Schiano is, as some would say, a "control freak" who had a tendency to wear out assistants ever so often. However, the contention "anyone who even threatens Schiano’s spotlight is gone and his secession plan changes every year" is so divorced from reality that I don't even know how to respond.

Well, I have my doubts as to whether the author of that blog entry (and it specifically does not state anything about the author) is a journalist. If that person wanted to generate traffic, well-played sir.