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Spring presser tomorrow.

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When are we going to get answers? Tomorrow, at 11 am, to be exact.

Paul Franklin asks why Rutgers can't get a top-tier home and home series like West Virginia can. I agree, but it is a little harder given that Rutgers doesn't have WVU's stature at this point. There have been rumors about various big-name teams offering one-off road games for a while, but being unwilling to visit Rutgers Stadium. Two things that Rutgers can do to improve its OOC schedules are to stop playing at West Point every other year, and to set schedules years in advance like practically every other team does. They might have been able to find a team willing to visit Rutgers in 2009 years ago, but it's much harder at the last minute.

Tomorrow, the Maxwell Club will name Kenny Britt its Tri-State player of the year.

Not everyone is upset about the selection of Tim Pernetti.

The athletic department lost 184k on the PapaJohn' bowl. It's common knowledge that most teams lose money on bowls.

No word yet on the assistant coaching openings. Delaware is practically a Rutgers feeder program now, but all I've seen is that they are looking for a new LB coach (their old one was at Rutgers in 2001, but that's the wrong side of the ball).

Head; meet brick wall. That takes the sting out of more shoddy treatment from ESPN.

It's BET time for the women's basketball team this weekend; set in, where else, Hartford.

Trenton has pulled back funding for state-mandated pay increases to employees at state higher education institutions. This is essentially a backdoor budget cut for Rutgers and other NJ schools.

The consortium's release noted the state already was paying less than half the cost of the 3 percent salary increases, and the cuts would leave the colleges with a total $18.5 million obligation.

"This is on top of a loss of about $30 million this year through cuts in direct state funding," the statement said, going on to note state aid had over the years fallen to 1999 levels, even as enrollment rose 25 percent.

Business Week ranked the Rutgers undergraduate business program #56 in the nation.

Funding cuts in the midst of NJ's budget crisis endanger the future of the Stem Cell Institute in New Brunswick.

Rutgers scientists have been documenting climate changes near Antarctica.

New Jersey lost 85,700 jobs in 2008, the worst in 17 years.