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Campbell dismissed

Word came down yesterday that Dennis Campbell was dismissed from the football team for an unspecified violation of team policy. So it could have been anything.

Campbell would have been the second most-experienced receiver on the roster after Timmy Brown. It's a loss in that sense; Britt, Underwood, and Brown saw so many reps over the past few years that no other receiver besides Campbell had much of an opportunity to see the field. Campbell was a player who gave me fits at times with his inconsistent hands. Ideally, he would have been a slot receiver in 2009, with a younger player knocking him out of the starting lineup.

Going into spring practice at the receiver position, the Scarlet Knights have bodies and they have talent, but they don't necessarily have experience. That's a question mark that applies to a lot of the roster. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll fall flat on their faces; just that there is a high level of uncertainty.

Could this mean Mason Robinson gets more of a look at WR during spring practice?