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Pernetti roundup

Mulcahy, Lesniak, Diegnan, and others have weighed in on the Pernetti selection. Rutgers coaches did as well, along with Harvey Yavener and Tara Sullivan. After the presser, Pernetti spoke to Fooch (video) and Carlin (video). He also was on Rivals radio on Friday.

If you're more interested in Pernetti as a person, check out the September Wall Street Journal piece Mixing Football Drills With Yoga.

Criticisms of the hire include Fran Wood's, and editorials from the Courier-News, Bergen Record and the Home News Tribune. While I disagree with a lot from the Record editorial, it doesn't cross the line into outright lying as do two columns from the Ledger and New York Post that I didn't link. That's where I draw the line.

Mike Rosario used to be a punk? Mike Coburn hasn't been the PG that Rutgers needed. The rare off day by Rosario on Sunday led to yet another frustrating loss.

If the women's basketball team has their locker room back, that must be the yearly signal that they're rounding into form. First it was the Johnnies, and now they face UConn tonight.

The Nets are still interested in signing Quincy Douby, but can't spare $200k from their budget.

The baseball team was swept by Georgia Tech.

Bruce Medley, a security guard for Rutgers athletics, gets a Sunday feature as he recovers from Cancer.

A Rutgers professor and his students discovered ancient human footprints in Kenya.