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The Newport Daily News has more on Rizzi leaving for the Dolphins. Apparently he turned the position down a year ago, but changed his mind after a year at the helm.

Courtney Greene reportedly ran a 4.54 in the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine. That's a good time, but more important might be his performance in something like the 3 cone drill, which tries to measure a player's ability to maintain speed while changing direction. Since only releases the times from selected top performers, I haven't been able to locate that result; nor have I found the official result of Britt's time in the 40 yard dash, although the Targum quotes Rivals as giving it at 4.47. Mike Garafolo sees Plaxico Burress returning to the Giants, and doesn't think that they'll take Kenny Britt with their first round pick.

Was Rutgers going after a JUCO receiver who signed with Purdue?

It'd be nice to win one of the close games, but it wasn't happening. Mike Tranghese thinks Fred Hill should worry about his job security.

The women's basketball team beat Cincy. For those worried about the W/L record, their RPI is good enough that they should be in good shape. The Ledger ran another piece on CVS this week.

Wrestling fell to Bloomsburg in their final dual meet of the season.

Wally Burnham's biggest regret on leaving USF?

"Probably this year against Rutgers, the 93-yard pass play to Kenny Britt. We didn't do a good job getting the kids prepared for that formation. I may have called the wrong defense. I was thinking pass and didn't put them in a good coverage for that down and distance. I did a poor job for the kids on that play. I helped Rutgers on that one. I think that was the backbreaker on that game."

Marc Ecko explains how he developed the entrepreneurial spirit at Rutgers.

Rutgers has announced its newest capital construction campaign. The deferred maintenance and classroom improvements are badly needed, and the Livingston Dining Hall project has been in the works for a while.