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V.P. of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming

Ok, you might have been expecting Kirk Ciarrocca and Kyle Flood to jointly assume the vacant offensive coordinator position. And that's exactly what happened today, with the open question remaining of who exactly has ultimate control over playcalling.

Greg Schiano stepping down as defensive coordinator would be another surprise in what has been a surprisingly busy week for the offseason. Before the unfortunate demise of Coach Demo, there had been speculation among the fanbase that he was being groomed as the D.C. of the future. Schiano has performed ably in the role, but it was a lot of responsibility for a tireless workaholic who has spent many a night in his office. It's titles abound apparently; splitting the role between linebackers coach Bob Fraser and secondary coach Ed Pinkham comes entirely out of left field.

There's still two open positions on staff, one for a graduate assistant. The QB and RB coach slots are vacant, although it's entirely possible that Ciarrocca could assume QB duties and/or vacate the WR role. I've been reading up on his tenure at Delaware recently. It remains to be seen whether he would incorporate a few of the spread elements that he used in Newark.