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How is there still enough material for these?

At least one Akron Beacon columnist is high on Mack Rhoades, and fearful of losing him. Scarlet Scuttlebutt had more on all three candidates yesterday. They'll all be on campus today, and a decision could be days away.

Coach Demo is interviewing for the DB coach vacancy at USF.

The Scarlet-White game is scheduled for April 18th.

There's a lot of smoke from the Cincinnati side that the Bearcats will open at Rutgers on Friday, September 4th.

Paul Franklin and M.A. Mehta agree: the women's basketball team needs more of a contribution from the freshmen.

To follow up on Vinny DiTrani's column yesterday, one PFW blogger was down on Kenny Britt's performance in receiving drills. If that's accurate, Britt still had a good weekend with a relatively strong time in the forty yard dash. Combined with his tremendous production, that's a solid all-around package for any NFL team to consider. I think NFL teams know that Britt can play and is a tremendous athlete. They've done their film evaluations; the Combine is for filling in the gaps. More important for him was assuaging any concerns in his interviews (hence, why I tried to show a bit of what goes into that yesterday). Courtney Greene runs today.

Gary Brackett recently gave a talk about hardship and overcoming adversity to a student audience at Ball State. Hey, isn't that Randall Pinkett's turf?

Entering his ninth season, Greg Schiano is actually one of the longest-tenured current FCS coaches. Dave Curtis wants him to tackle the environment next.

Buried in today's Trentonian:

Hvy: Rutgers football fans are going to love Abington’s undefeated David Osei.

Speaking of wrestling, their final dual meet of the season is on Friday at Bloomsburg, and then they'll prepare for the EIWA Championships in Philadelphia.

Governor Corzine has nominated PSE&G chairman Ralph Izzo to the Rutgers University Board of Governors.

Rutgers news: new director of Zimmerli talks to the Targum, and psychology researchers claim that infants have more capacity to learn than previously believed.