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The Butler did it

Newsflash: Kenny Britt is strong. He finished second among all receivers in the bench press, at 23 reps. Tiquan Underwood lagged behind at 7 reps, which reportedly was the worst among all participating receivers. Britt also measured in as having 9-inch hands hands and a 34-wingspan, while Underwood was at 8 1/2 and 32 1/4 respectively. Be sure to check that link throughout the day for the rest of KB's results.

Tara Sullivan checks in with another quote from Mike Mayock (who has moved Britt up to #4 in his receiver rankings.

"I think he’s a similar guy to Roy Williams, the same type of body," NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock said. "[He] has shown he can run a route tree and has shown he can catch the ball well despite some early-season drops. He came back really well. He’s definitely one of the guys you want to see run well this week. If he’s at 4.4, he can sneak in the first round. He’s a guy with the height and body. He needs the speed."

According to another random blog, Britt has spoken with the "Panthers and half a dozen others".

Bob McGinn quotes a few anonymous NFL scouts candidly in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ("Prospects aplenty"). Now, unfortunately their content is behind a pay firewall online, but you can read what it says if you have an account with a service like LexisNexis or are willing to visit your local library and use Lexis or a similar service. Interesting dirt sheet material on nearly every big name this year.

That's the problem this time of year - you never know whether a team is being earnest, or cynically trying to talk down a player that they have interest in. Mike Garafolo reports that the Giants like Hakeem Nicks, and may be more interested in upgrading defense (which to be fair, does make sense if Plaxico Burress is going to return).

Someone familiar with the Giants' draft-preparation process said the team has identified wide receiver as an area of need but it's not at the top of their list. The person, who requested anonymity because teams don't discuss their draft boards publicly, said defensive tackle and linebacker are the Giants' top two needs.