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Shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here

The open secret of NCAA rosters is that every player's measurables are exaggerated to some extent.

Now we know the truth. The official heights and weights are:

Kenny Britt 6'3 218
Courtney Greene 6'1 211
Tiquan Underwood 6'1 184

Check out the Chicago Tribune's take on Britt (emphasis mine).

Rutgers' Kenny Britt—arguably the most polite prospect to take the podium Friday—envisioned lining up with Devin Hester.

"I feel like I could go in there and see Devin Hester as my mentor," Britt said. "I would sharpen my game, just be an impact player."

Tara Sullivan (by way of Aditi) indirectly supports the "changed man" theory, and noted more Giants rumors.

KB also has a special message for the animal lovers out there.

Rutgers’ WR Kenny Britt shared his feelings on pets. "I don’t like cats because they got in my lunch bags and I don’t like dogs because I got bit."

Actually, it's probably in reference to the common interview question about whether a player is a 'cat person' or a 'dog person'.

He's having a good time at least.

"Oh, man, I'm loving it," Britt said of his NFL combine experience.

P.S. Q is getting a tryout with the Knicks. My Nets want him, but may not have room in their budget (Move. To. Newark.)