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Fingers crossed

Who is Bryan Ault you ask? He's on the staff of The Franklin, a college newspaper in Indiana. And he's covering the NFL Combine. Through the magic of Google, one note from his latest update can be read by fans all across the country.

Word around the street is that Colts and Giants scouts were at every one of Rutgers' football games this year watching WR Kenny Britt.

A brief search of this blog's archives reveals the following:

Paul Franklin

NFL scouts from the Colts, Dolphins, Browns and Giants were watching from the press box, evaluating a kid who is strong but graceful, dependable and sure-handed.

Brendan Prunty

More NFL scouts in the house Thursday night. Representatives from the Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns were all spotted at Rutgers Stadium. The Colts and Giants have been at Rutgers multiple times this season. The Browns representative was general manager Phil Savage.

Ben Doody

Assistant AD for athletic communications Jason Baum said there will be 20 scouts at the game — the most since Baum came to Rutgers in 2006. Among those in attendance will be Giants GM Jerry Reese, Colts president Bill Polian, and Vikings GM Rick Spielman.

Keith Sargeant

Terry Bradway, the Jets' senior director of player personnel, took in practice.

Jaguars Scouting Results From the Big East (Scout premium)

Graham Watson

Reportedly, 14 NFL scouts will be at Rutgers to watch various players on both teams.

That list includes three scouts from the New York Giants, and one scout from each of the following teams:

New York Jets
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Francisco 49ers
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pretty sure there were similar mentions at Rivals and from the Record too.

It's just a storyline to keep your eyes on. I'm not exactly objective here - I think Britt should go in the top half of the first round (if he runs well on Sunday), and that he is a perfect fit in New York.