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John McNulty out

Just like that, McNulty is off to the Arizona Cardinals. There are probably two ways to go about this - Ciarrocca is an obvious successor, or he can be the passing game coordinator and Flood can take on additional responsibilities. Continuity would help at this point. Rutgers still has a good staff in place, but is Joe Susan the only assistant who is going to be in place for the long haul? Keeping Flood for a few more years would be a positive.

I heard a rumor the other day about a scheduling possibility that didn't pan out. However, while looking into it, I did find another lovely dose of anti-spread propaganda, this time from Joe Theismann. Remember, even if you think Pat White is the cat's pajamas, it could conceivably help Rutgers if more young players are turned against the scheme. Theismann's right, but he probably has the ulterior motive of helping his Domers with his comments.

Many thanks go out to Tom Luicci for Monday's Kenny Britt article. This will probably sound two-faced after the above paragraph, but I keep bringing this topic up because of the NFL. The quarterback crop this week in Indianapolis is as bad as it's ever been. Oh well, the trend will probably help Ty and Kenny.

I didn't really talk about it much last week (mostly because there weren't enough details), but Nick Carparelli seems like he'd be a solid hire for athletic director. He's originally from just outside of New Haven. Carp has experience with Notre Dame, Syracuse, and the Patriots, and everything out there paints the picture of an ambitious, competent football mind. He'd be a great get there - everything else isn't necessarily a drawback, but it is a question mark. Needless to say, the political red tape and fundraising challenges are a very big concern in Piscataway as well. Any leaks may come from the other side, like with this story and the Providence Journal. It's hard enough when you know to occasionally check the Salt Lake Tribune; someone could come out of left field.

Paging Rod Thorn: the Sacramento Kings just cut Quincy Douby.

In the end, all signs pointed to Rutgers (Malcolm Bush/Junior Solice).

The Philly Inquirer looks at Test Sports Club, where Jamaal Westerman is training for next month's pro day at Rutgers.

Brian Bennett put Alex Kroll on RU's "Mount Rushmore" ahead of Brian Leonard, and apparently received a complaint or two.

Speaking of the Combine, many familiar names will be there.

If you're interested in the seedier aspects of college basketball recruiting, the Washington Post's interview with embattled Maryland coach Gary Williams is worth a look. Williams pulls no punches against several big names that we're familiar with.

A couple BE notes: Wanny may make a good hire for Pitt's next coordinator instead of a rumored retread, Cincy has a new DC, and USF's DC left for Iowa State in a stunner.

Whatever opinion you may have of Rutgers and its athletic department, at least they're not on the level of Boston College, or heavens, Texas Tech.

If you haven't paying attention to the Lane Kiffin saga out of Knoxville, last week Sports Illustrated eagerly doused gasoline on the fire.

Only a few weeks after accepting the job, Kiffin was already crowing about the coaches he'd stolen from rival schools in the Southeastern Conference. He called it addition by subtraction. "I could've gone to places like Oregon and Michigan and found great coaches to hire, but that's only addition to us," he explains. "By finding them at SEC schools and taking them away, that's addition by subtraction."

"I have to play Alabama every year," Kiffin says. "I basically stole their best guy. I have to play South Carolina. I took their best guy. I took Mississippi State's. Ed Orgeron was going to be LSU's recruiting coordinator. I went and got him. I also got Eddie Gran—he's the coach who recruited players like Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown for Auburn. I like to joke that we'd have the best recruiting class in the country right now if I'd spent as much time recruiting players as I've spent recruiting coaches."

The less said about Bryce Brown and Brian Butler, the better. What a trainwreck.

Yesterday, the RU Coastal Observation Research Lab tested their new underwater research robot.