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Perhaps you should reconsider

If there's one thing that I'm certain of, it's that RU women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer has earned the right to run her program with autonomy. Bad seasons happen to the best of them. I'm as disappointed in 2009 as the next Rutgers fan.

So I say this to you, George Pantozzi: the suggestion that Stringer is "consumed with herself" is so incomprehensibly ludicrous* that it is not worthy of a response other than outright dismissal. What makes your letter in today's Courier-News is so downright appalling is that you are not merely unrealistic in your expectations on the court; you actually have the gall to take personal shots at a courageous women who has given everything she has to her players and Rutgers University. You might as well have signed your letter "-from the desk of Geno Auriemma", but I think that would be low even for Geno.

* Really, the only way to say that without being disingenuous is to first consume massive quantities of pharmaceutical-grade hallucinogens. Or perhaps he is speaking Twin-Earth English. or some progressive variant of Esperanto.