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What's going on?

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This news started making the rounds this morning.

Former Rams offensive coordinator Al Saunders interviewed for the receivers job last week. According to Mike Jurecki at XTRA-910, Whisenhunt also has interviewed Rutgers offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach John McNulty. Jurecki also says former NFL quarterback Chris Miller could be the new quarterbacks coach.

If it's for a role as a position coach, this is a troubling development.

Is this normal professional ambition, or is McNulty looking to move on? During the offseason, when there is precious little else to talk about, I'm sure that the question will be analyzed from every possible angle.

One line of thought is that when you hire a young, ambitious assistant like Kirk Ciarrocca from Delaware; where he molded Joe Flacco into a star, it's not solely to coach receivers. Then again, Kyle Flood is quite skilled in his own right.