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Big East: Non-basketball roundup

Here in Rutgersland, we're not too keen to talk much hoops, for obvious reasons. So let's take a quick look at what our pigskin rivals have been up to recently.

Cincinnati recently canned its defensive coordinator.

UConn's new offensive coordinator apparently plans on running a spread.

Just in case there was any doubt, Louisville fans are kind of ticked off at Steve Kragthorpe. The latest outrage was sacking Jeff Brohm. Card Chronicle has all the requisite vitriol:

If the Cardinal football program were a piece of literature being studied by a high school English class, this is the part where the teacher would explain to the students the symbolism of Brohm's duties being overtaken by Kragthorpe, a man who would likely represent the parallel downfall of the American economy, or something of the like.

I'm not here to speculate on why or how this happened - because aside from broad, simple generalizations, I really don't have a clue - I'm just here to state the obvious fact most of us would rather ignore: the Louisville football program under the direction of Steve Kragthorpe is an abomination. It's a luxury ship headed straight for an iceberg, and it's being captained by a man who won't stop talking about how the iceberg got where it is and why it might move, because he has no idea how to turn the wheel to the left.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh fans are actually thrilled to see their offensive coordinator move on.

Jim Leavitt firing Greg Gregory for flirting with the University of Florida did garner a few headlines a while back. Arizona fans aren't exactly enamored with with his potential replacement in Mike Canales, but Gregory seemed to be overmatched. This could be an upgrade for the Bulls.

Syracuse is still looking to fill out its coaching staff and 2009 class. Sean from Troy Nunes and John from Mountainlair put together this instant classic a few weeks back.

West Virginia suspended Jock Sanders indefinitely after a DUI charge.

If you're a sadist who wants to read serious debate about whether Rutgers is worse than DePaul or USF in basketball, check out the transcript from this week's Big East roundtable.

Is there any big recruiting news from last week? Meh. West Virginia and USF did land a couple potential stars. The biggest red flag was probably Louisville's JUCO heavy class. Sometimes those signings work out, like with Dempsey last year, but it's more of a sign of desperation on the part of Steve Kragthorpe than anything else. Everyone else seems to be in good shape, relative to expectations. Their respective fan sites probably have more if you're curious about that stuff.

We probably won't hear much else on the football front until spring practice starts. There might be some sort of tournament at Madison Square Garden in a few weeks too, but I wouldn't know anything about that.