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Make your own luck

Wasn't really planning on posting today, but there's enough random material to go over, so off we go!

That Ka'Lial Glaud story sure is getting a lot of play for something that may have just been said in jest. Kirk Ferentz actually took a shot at him (premium link from Scout, I don't know if there's a free one out there) on Wednesday. I was actually arguing with a West Virginia fan about which comic book character best represents Glaud. He said Glaud should be henceforth known as Two-Face. I countered with Longshot. He makes his own luck.

I had seen this mentioned, but couldn't find a source for until now - Jamiel Farrington transferred to Bethune-Cookman.

Educated Quest recapped a rough sketch of Wednesday's touchdown club meeting.

There's been some back and forth on the net over these comments by Shawney Kersey.

"Rutgers put some pressure on me. But after I visited for a couple of days, I knew I couldn't spend four years there. I had to explore my options. I didn't really want to go there and I made a few calls."

What exactly does "pressure" mean? Possibly, "our class is filling up fast, and we like so and so at the receiver position, and won't hold a spot forever". That's what Penn State infamously told Justin Brown a few weeks ago. Everything I've read on the subject indicates that Schiano and staff don't favor the hard sell. Kersey was going to follow Gerald Hodges wherever he went, either way. That quote is absent from other Kersey articles.

Thirteen Scarlet Knights made Academic All-Conference.

Paul Robeson joined Bon Jovi (noooooooo) and eleven other inductees into this year's New Jersey Hall of Fame class.

Rutgers study: mice are just as good as humans at assessing risk. You don't say.

Signing day leftovers (these are mostly just for my reference, in case I need them in the future):