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Bleacher Report is not a valid source

What should we take from this report of Justin Brown to Rutgers? Absolutely nothing. It was likely designed to rile up gullible fans. You can't gleam anything from it at all, either way. There are tons of hoaxes on signing day. Trolls will probably go to your favorite websites today and post baffling rumors designed solely to get a rise of people. Ignore it.

In actual news, ZAGSBLOG reported last night that Malcolm Bush wouldn't be considering UNC after all.

Based on no actual inside information whatsoever, I'll go on the record and predict that Bush ends the day a Scarlet Knight, and Brown a Nittany Lion. I'm as in the dark as anyone as to any further surprises. There was a lot of good material on Scarlet Scuttlebutt yesterday. You should probably check them out, or even buy an actual, trees-had-to-die-to-make-this newspaper today.

It was a bad night in basketball too. At least they waited until our attention was elsewhere.