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Around the Rutgersphere

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This blog has been getting a relatively high level of traffic in the runup to signing day. I'm grateful to loyal readers, with the hope that this site's reputation would spread through word of mouth without the need to spam or heavily advertise. It's hard to build up traffic, so this is as good an opportunity as any to draw some attention to the other Rutgers fans giving a go of it on the net.

Protect R Turf has moved to fancy new digs on SBNation, so check it out.

Scarlet Knight Cast returned last week with a new episode featuring Jerry Carino and Keith Sargeant.

LFBall had quite a bit to say, as usual, about the court showdown last week between Rutgers and Seton Hall.

Long-suffering Rutgers fan Dave Lozo recently chronicled exactly how futile Rutgers basketball has been in the past two decades. Avert your eyes, it's not pretty.

If angry polemics are your thing, then Graystork is your man.

I profoundly disagree with J.P. Girouard's endorsement of Steve Politi's column from last week, but it's a free country.

Finally, a board where TSopranoRU isn't banned - ScarletNJ.