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Super Bowl Hangover

New verbal: Junior Solice. The recruiting sites imply that he's a defensive lineman, while the S/L piece has Miello pegging him for MLB.

Greg Schiano refused to make a prediction for the Super Bowl.

"I don't make predictions,'' he said. "That would aid and abet gambling and I don't want to do that.''

But Vegas was laying +1000 on Stapleton (i.e., the field) winning the MVP award. That line is practically begging you to jump on it! (note: gambling actually is stupid, but for different reasons. Bayes' theorem: don't leave home without it.)

The reviews from the Texas vs. the Nation practices weren't great for Mike Teel. draftguys (which was higher on Kevin Malast) and Russ Lande criticized his play, while Chad Reuter was higher on him. Teel missed the actual game on Saturday with a bout of flu.

New AD search: we know nothing.

Nick Cavallo is leaving Rutgers, and heading back to Purdue as a graduate assistant.

Anthony Cali has been staying busy at DeBartolo Sports University.

Greg Schiano cares about Rutgers fans stationed in Iraq.

Should we care that the Gator Bowl hates the Big East? They've said as much as the past. They can't really do much better though.

New Jersey: The Hidden State of Culture. You better believe it.

Rutgers miscellania: people kinda, sorta understand the Salmonella outbreak, the Zimmerli has a new director, you missed an open house at the Geology Museum on Saturday, and a Rutgers researcher helped to decode Sorghum's (actually, one of the world's most plentiful cereals!) genome.

If a helicopter is your idea of fancy recruiting, you haven't seen anything yet.