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The Tampa Tribune has scooped us all.

The Golden Panthers are close to finalizing a home-and-home series with Rutgers that would begin this fall at Rutgers. The FIU at Rutgers game on Sept. 19 would replace FIU's Sept. 19 visit to USF.

This move probably isn't going to make us many friends down in Tampa, not that Jim Leavitt needs a particular reason to throw his visor.

You know, if there's one place we'd be willing to play a road game against a mid-major opponent, it's in Miami. It's a good road trip, good for recruiting visibility, and their HC Mario Cristobal is a former Rutgers assistant that is still generally well-regarded by our fanbase.

Giving up a home game is rough, but that's happening more than you might think these days. Not every team is made of money.

Ok. FIU, I-AA, @Army, and @Maryland. Now, please sign a home and home with another BCS conference team.