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Good catch

by Aditi yesterday.

Hackensack tight end Malcolm Bush (who took back a verbal commitment in the fall), South Jersey athlete Ka'lial Glaud and Nassau Community College lineman Andrew Tiller are all scheduled to visit Rutgers this weekend

Getting Glaud's last visit instead of UNC will help. I'm a bit confused about Tiller though, because I thought he already took his official visit to RU, and would be at Miami this weekend. Scout's database also has Dillon Romain and Andrew Opoku visiting (edit: and Robert Lisowski, Junior Solice, and Kyle Sullivan). That naturally leads to speculation that they are in the mix to be recruited walk-ons, or even receive offers on signing day.

You should really read the rest of what Aditi wrote, because there's a fair bit on Tom Savage lobbying Justin Brown to follow him to Rutgers. There was a lot of smoke coming out of Happy Valley several weeks ago, but Brown appears to be keeping it close to the vest.

One final note on Brown: the staff does not need your help in recruiting him, or any player for that matter. One of the best reasons for him to pick Rutgers is because, as evidenced by Kenny Britt, RU's vertical passing game can make stars out of big play receivers, and get them on the NFL radar. Several weeks ago, overzealous PSU fans started bugging Brown on Facebook and posted about it on the PennLive forums. Yeah, don't do that. It's a NCAA violation.