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Looking over the the team's official roster today, there are a couple changes. There are no positional or height/weight updates, and those probably won't be coming until spring practice. The departing seniors, Britt, and the URI transfers are gone. However, I did notice that Jamiel Farrington is no longer on the roster, and he does not appear in the student database either. Without Farrington, Rutgers is unofficially at 65 scholarships (I count Bing, but do not count Barbieri, DePaola, Anderson, Dumont, or any other contributing walk-on because I have no idea whether they're on ship or not). Uncoincidentally, Rutgers has 19 announced verbal commitments for 2009 by my count.

There was a bit in the papers today about the AD search finally getting under way, but I don't really have anything to say about that until we get something a bit more concrete to work with.

Good luck tonight, Knights. Stomp the Shoe.