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Snowed in

Dick Codey is hitting all the right notes.

"I think it’s a race to see which project is put in the grave first: the Brooklyn [Barclays] arena or Xanadu," Codey said, referring also to the Nets’ long-deferred attempt to move out of the Izod Center. "Let’s be honest about it. … You have one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world, and it’s maybe 50 percent lined up with tenants — if we believe [Xanadu officials]. … Who knows if it’s going to open or not?"

Codey said people soon might be calling the Xanadu project "the mistake at the Meadowlands."

A couple parting comments about Courtney Greene at Shrine Game practices:

NFL Draft Bible

–Rutgers S Courtney Greene: Has good natural size and runs pretty well, but he lacks ideal instincts and has not shown great ball skills during practices. He has been right there on several plays and allowed the receiver to make the catch. Shows good range and has tried to come up on a few plays to lay a big lick, but his timing is not always on the mark.


Courtney Greene(S-Rutgers) didn’t stand out this week, but you could tell he wanted to deliver big hits in the run game, often pulling up in the mostly non-contact practice even though he was loaded up to land the blow.

Tom Luicci recently sat down with interim AD Carl Kirschner. There are a few interesting insights there, nothing too big.

You never want to see headlines like "The Day the RAC died". It's brutal, but true. I take umbrage at the suggestion that football fans are "spoiled" though. It's not being spoiled to ask that they not lose to Lehigh, St. Bonaventure, and Binghamton. Everyone staying clear of the RAC is missing a big debut year from Mike Rosario. Greg Echenique doesn't look too shabby either. What a pity that they don't have much in the way of help.

The women: Rutgers 76, Marquette 53.

Don't look now, but Rutgers wrestling is following the blueprint that worked in football, and we want to work in basketball. They just scored a big win over UVA, and the future on the mat looks very bright. I'm actually stunned that they have turned it around this quickly.

Rutgers baseball was picked to finish 8th in the BE preseason poll. I don't follow the sport too closely, but that does seem a bit low. Last year was a rebuilding season, and Jaren Matthews is supposed to be a good one.

Worth noting: in light of a series of Jim Carty articles last year, the University of Michigan is increasing oversight of student athlete academics.

The Jets beatwriter for the NY Daily News started a rumor over the weekend that Jon Gruden is going to replace Charlie Weis at Notre Dame.

Finally, condolences go out to Chas from Pitt Blather, who has been a great friend to this blog over the past few months. His grandfather recently passed away - my thoughts are with Chas during this difficult time.