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No more drama

It had long been assumed that the tandem of Gerald Hodges and Shawney Kersey were a package deal to whichever college they decided to select. When Hodges defected to Penn State a month ago, an aura of mystery surrounded Kersey. Would he follow Hodges to PSU? Is he going to qualify? Where does he stand in relationship to the other receivers still out there?

In that sense, it is somewhat of a relief that Kersey finally ended the guessing last night by switching to Penn State, the third Rutgers verbal of the year to do such. Yet, this event is not a total loss.

Last week, Delaware receiver Justin Brown indicated that he is seriously considering attending Rutgers University, even though subsequent comments released after that have muddled his position somewhat. If losing Kersey can lead to landing Brown, that is a trade that Rutgers fans would make any day of the week. Another guy we're still looking at is Dwayne Difton out of Florida, who is visiting next weekend and appears to be very high on Rutgers.

Here's to hoping for some better news out of Junior Day later today.