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Stuff I found on Google last week

In the context of looking through the names who could be an option for Miami's open offensive coordinator spot, Miami Herald beatwriter Manny Navarro says that he's worked the phones, and here's what he had to say about John McNulty (who they tried to hire a couple years ago).

He was interviewed for the Alabama job before. Looks like he's holding out for a head coaching job somewhere.

McNulty, by all accounts, is happy at Rutgers, and has a fair bit of job security. It would take a perfect opportunity to lure him away, and a rebuilding job in Miami does not fit that criteria. The bit about him looking around for a HC job is new though. Could he be an option at a FCS school or a mid-major down the line?

It's nice to see J'Vonne Parker finally get a shot in the NFL, with a winning team no less. Parker still has his head in the right place.

Parker, who had played in 11 games in four seasons with Cleveland, Baltimore and Dallas, had to quickly learn his new coaches, teammates and playbook.

"I went to Rutgers. That's pretty much an Ivy League school," Parker said with a laugh. "So I picked it up pretty fast."

Speaking of Rutgers alumni in the NFL, Pittsburgh fans were quite happy with the play of Darnell Stapleton this year.

Best fill in player, Darnell "The Stapler" Stapleton

Losing a probowl lineman or 3 this year hurt. Bad. But Darnell was one who filled in the gap, and has quietly been very very good this year. You can't ask for much more of a UFA than to come in, play hard, and help secure the right side. Granted the O-line as a whole is pretty weak, but I like the center/RG situation. This was a close call between Stapler and William Gay, but Darnell has had to handle more games so I gave him the nod.

Runner Up: Darnell Stapleton-Wow, who would've thought that losing Kendall Simmons, a former first round draft pick, for the season and replacing him with undrafted Darnell Stapleton, would've been an upgrade? I did and I'm sure many people did as well, and he did not disappoint. Now Stapleton was no pro bowl lineman, but he definitely was everything Simmons wasn't; a solid blocker in all categories who at times made mistakes, but for the majority of the time played well enough.

On the DL's Dan Levy wrote an article about the Grease Trucks for FanFoodie.