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Goodbye, my sweet prince

You don't call a press conference to announce that you're staying. At least Kenny Britt had the courtesy and not pull a Shonn Greene and announce his departure immediately following the game.

Jeremy Zuttah is my favorite Scarlet Knight of the past few years, followed closely by Eric Foster. However, I'd further argue that Kenny Britt was the best. Yes, better than Rice and Leonard. His sheer talent was such a force to be reckoned with, his star shone so brightly, that you knew that, sooner or later, he would be moving on to the pro ranks.

Great for him. Britt has a right to make a living, and has absolutely nothing left to prove in college. The best possible outcome at this point is that Britt goes in the first round of the draft and excels, proving that Rutgers can prepare blue chippers for NFL success.

His impact at Rutgers was immeasurable; he was the entire offense in 2008. Tim Brown is ready to start, and Rutgers has some younger players ready for a larger role next year. Make no mistake though; not having Britt creates a gigantic void on next year's squad that will be difficult to fill.