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The Holiday Post

This blog will largely be on hiatus during the week, but some material is already in the can. If any shocking NC State revelations break, or we finally find out what's up with Vidal Hazelton, you probably know where else you can turn.

Did anyone see those white USF helmets on Saturday? Those looked a lot better than the gold ones. Looking at the stands for the game, I don't really see how Rutgers could have done any worse attendance-wise...

Chris Paul-Etienne is reported to be transferring to Rhode Island, where he will play under former Rutgers assistant Darren Rizzi.

Rivals named Joe Martinek, Art Forst, Caleb Ruch, Manny Abreu, and David Rowe to their Big East all-freshman team.

Basketball news: the men finally beat a team they should have beaten, while the women are rounding into form.

Rutgers alum Deron Cherry is still overlooked by the NFL Hall of Fame.

ChopChamps recently spoke to former RU DB Jason Grant.

I don't think there's much, if any chance of this happening, but one article mentions Rutgers as meeting the transfer criteria for Will Yeatman (a ND Tight End/Lacrosse player who got in trouble for underage drinking). Yeatman is originally from San Diego, and UNC is his first choice.

That would leave Yeatman four football/lacrosse schools where he was free and clear to transfer to without any entanglements — Duke, Virginia, Maryland and Rutgers.

I really liked this post on Pitt Blather the other day. I think the University of Pittsburgh, with its successful mix of academics and athletics, is a model that Rutgers University should be keen on emulating.