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We get what we wanted

Chrismukwanzaa came early this year. Tom Luicci and Keith Sargeant are reporting that all-everything defensive tackle Antwan Lowery out of Florida has committed to Rutgers. His older brother Antonio is a linebacker for the Scarlet Knights.

Vidal Hazelton is down to Missouri and Rutgers.

What we do know for sure is that NC State has sold 5,500 tickets so far. According to the immortal RutgersAl, the Rutgers ticket office is telling callers that they have sold 4k tickets to the Pizza Bowl up to this point. If you can't make it, then you can't make it (I can't make it). But if you're on the fence, it'd be a good idea to go, or at least buy tickets and donate them to local charities in Birmingham.

Was 2008 a breakout year for Timmy Brown?

I thought Brian Bennett's defensive line rankings underrated Pete Tverdov. Similarly, I don't understand why Jamaal Westerman received more votes on the all-conference team (even though he was playing with a biceps injury). Seems like a lot of it is mainly based on reputation and hype.

Rutgers wrestling is building a bit of buzz.

Dec 18-Jan 3rd is a dead period for recruiting as per NCAA rules. News on that front might not get back into full swing until the middle of January.

Brittany Ray likes bad movies.