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Big East Bowl Roundup

Memphis's athletic director really wants to join the Big East conference. At least he's not grovelling like Terry Holland yet.

Cincinnati's Orange Bowl ticket sales are relatively good, but overall ticket sales are slumping in what is a nationwide trend. Virginia Tech has a reputation for travelling well too.

UConn offensive coordinator Rob Ambrose plans to interview for Towson's vacant head coaching position. With the way their passing attack looked this year, I wonder how much they would miss him. Buffalo in the International Bowl is not an easy draw for the Huskies.

Victor Anderson was one of the few bright spots for Louisville in 2008.

An injured Jacquizz Rodgers means that Pitt should be a heavy favorite in the Sun Bowl against Oregon State.

Weirdly enough, USF starting right guard Matt Huners is ineligible. He already graduated, but did not take enough credits during the fall semester. USF will play Memphis tomorrow.

Syracuse's new staff keeps taking shape, as they have hired another NY native in former Clemson OC Rob Spence.

Rumors have been swirling about Noel Devine's academic status, but he's expected to play against UNC.