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Turning focus to NC State

I'm pleased to announce that in the near future, I will be trading a few questions with Steven from Section Six, a NC State blog.

It's official: CPE is transferring.

Not really a fan of these things, but congrats to Kenny Britt for being named a third team AP All-American. Similarly, Rutgers alum Shaun O'Hara was just named to his first Pro Bowl.

I wanted to write a few paragraphs praising the play of Ryan D'Imperio (or as I call him, D'Impaler) this season at some point, but I wasn't sure exactly how to do it without throwing Damaso Munoz under a bus. Scarlet Scuttlebutt wrote a nice feature on him today. I really wish Ryan would have redshirted last season, because he's going to be tough to replace in 2010.

One theme you'll see a lot next week: NC State coach Tom O'Brien has a long streak of winning bowl games.

Unfamiliar with NC State? So am I, so this writeup was really helpful as an introductory primer to get up to speed.

Nice, the Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Cameron Stephenson.

There was more 2009 scheduling talk on Rivals yesterday, largely centered around Kansas State and UCLA.

Joe Paterno is signing a 3-year extension at Penn State.

Delaware is thinking about upgrading their program to I-A, but it's not going to be easy.

Loyal readers of this blog have probably noticed all of the links to stories about the supposed decline of print media. Well, Brian from MgoBlog recently posted his take, which is a bit less charitable towards the media than mine.