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Extra slices

Jon Freeny is being counted on to replace Jamaal Westerman.

D.C. Jefferson is seeing more reps in practice with Dom Natale and Chris Paul-Etienne out for "personal reasons" (not my quotes!) Natale was back on Monday.

Rutgers football held its annual awards banquet on Sunday night.

No official word yet on Pizza Bowl ticket sales, but bowl organizers in Birmingham are happy so far. Also, if you missed this link last week, both teams are scheduled to visit the local children’s hospital and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

Basketball: the men squeaked by Delaware State, while the women beat Army in the Maggie Dixon classic.

New Jersey is only ranked 8th nationally in terms of convicted public officials during the past decade.

Maybe I'm still in shock, because this realization just hit me: a member of the state legislature essentially blackmailed Richard McCormick into firing an athletic director. This is supposed to be New Jersey, not some outpost in SEC country. Does that sound completely, incomprehensibly insane to anyone else?

Now there's talk of trying to force out university president Richard McCormick? Step back from the ledge people. Think about this for a second: how can more politicized meddling benefit Rutgers University in any possible way? What Rutgers needs right now is stability and peace.