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Stretching the bounds of relevancy links

Impending final exams likely mean that the rest of the week is going to be slow in terms of football news.

Meet Dewey Corn, the most dedicated NC State fan out there.

Found it. Rutgers players at the Papajohn' Bowl this year will receive a mini-camcorder, headphones, a knit cap, and an Ogio bag. Which is nearly the same package that they would have received in St. Petersburg. Aww, can't believe we missed out on the Sun Bowl, that's a sweet hair dryer.

The question was put aside during the season, but one of the big mysteries for 2009 is what exactly is going to happen to RU's football schedule; especially if Navy, as rumored, backs out of games during the next two years. You may recall that, last spring, the Rutgers athletic department did have discussions with Wisconsin (and perhaps other schools) regarding a home and home series, but they were shuttered because both teams wanted a home game in 2008.

Yesterday, there was a thread on Rivals full of mysterious rumors about a "big name" team playing Rutgers in a home and home series the next two seasons. I hope it happens, because scheduling two FCS teams at home has no appeal at all. Ad-hoc scheduling is not a very good strategy, most athletic departments are able to schedule games years in advance.

Did Vidal Hazelton add Miami, Virginia, and Oklahoma State to his list of possible destinations?

Former USC wide receiver Vidal Hazelton is considering Rutgers, Virginia, Miami, Missouri, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State as his leading choices as he considers a school to enroll in next month.

Couldn't this have come out yesterday? has another story on De'Antwan Williams visiting Rutgers this weekend.

Yesterday, Aditi linked to a UCF study of this year's bowl teams, praising Rutgers football for its academic achievements.

According to this page, round trip travel packages to Birmingham are already sold out. Is this an early sign that Rutgers fans will show up in force?

Jeremy Zuttah injured his ankle during Monday Night Football.

This article mentions Kia Vaughn as a potential top pick in the next WNBA draft.

Recently, The Wall Street Journal looked at who pays college coaching salaries.