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This is short notice, but be sure to visit the Big East Roundtable tonight at 9 pm. I will be participating with several other bloggers.

I wish I had a bit more time to talk about this today: word has finally come on that Robert Mulcahy is stepping down as athletic director.

Mulcahy had many positives. He was finally persuaded to hire Greg Schiano and commit resources to upgrading the football program. However, I was not a fan of his as a whole. Rutgers men's basketball team is still in shambles, and his skills as an administrator were lacking at best. That was an opinion that I held long before this season.

At a certain point, you have to cut your losses, and Mulcahy was becoming too much of a distraction to the athletic department. I debated openly calling for his resignation at times, but I thought him leaving now would send a bad message: namely that, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well, now that Zoffinger and Margolin/Sherman have their blood, they can hopefully ride off into the sunset.

Robert Mulcahy is not Rutgers football. It would be a mistake to jump to any conclusions at this point, but I strongly, strongly disagree with anyone who sees this news as reason to panic over the future of the program. He was a glorified liason to Trenton. I am looking forward to having a skilled and able administrator actually capable of administrating. I look forward to having football schedules set years in advance, and an athletic department that's completely on the same page.