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Only twenty shopping days left

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The running back by committee situation in Baltimore is not going away.

Peter King seems to be on the bandwagon again.

Why does Rutgers end up in these Single-A bowls every year? There can't be 15 teams in America playing better over the last five or six weeks.

Brett McMurphy of the St. Petersburg times conducted a poll of eight Big East beatwriters yesterday to select an all-conference team.

Steve Politi makes the case that the BE's sorry bowl situation is a reason to think about leaving for the Big Ten.

This list is a year old, but it could give an idea of complementary gifts each player is going to receive in Birmingham. In 2007, the players received:

Slingbox, Watch, Oakley sunglasses, Armor Gear backpack, travel valet, t-shirt, ESPN the Magazine 1-year subscription

USA Today's final coaches poll ballots were making the rounds yesterday. This blog has had a link to the weekly AP ballots in the sidebar all season long.

With the Houston Comets going under, Matee Ajavon is now a Washington Mystic. Speaking of the women's basketball team, they beat Georgia last night in the Jimmy V Classic. Freshman Jasmine Dixon is transferring.

Scott Goodale definitely has RU wrestling headed in the right direction.