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It's not Pizza

It's Papajohn' Tickets are $40 a pop. Remember, even if you can't make it to Birmingham, it's important that Rutgers sells as many tickets as possible in order to land better bowls in the future. The bowl is cruddy, but we'll have to get by. For the budding accountants:

The league will receive a $300,000 payout for Rutgers’ appearance, and the school will receive $1 million from the league as well as $188,000 for travel expenses, RU AD Bob Mulcahy said.

Mulcahy also said Rutgers was obligated to purchase 10,000 seats at Legion Field for the game.


He said the school will probably break even on the trip.

Duke is puke, and Wake is fake, but the team Rutgers will play is NC State. The Wolfpack are almost as hot as Rutgers, having won four in a row after a 2-6 start. QB Russell Wilson is a good scrambler, and he's only thrown one interception this year.

Jamaal Westerman has been playing through a biceps injury, and will miss the bowl game following surgery on Friday (presser video is up too).

Here's the one video from Thursday that you may still be looking for:

Christian Morris is going to transfer? Basketball might somehow be in even worse shape than we had all thought.

The one burning question we've all been waiting to get answered:

I know everyone saw Jourdan Brooks get yanked down by his hair - all of it is real hair incidentally - and then the camera stay on the piece of broken-off braid for a while. I jokingly asked Greg Schiano if that meant he'd order Jourdan to the barber and he said while before the long hair was just a safety call, now - considering Brooks could've gone to the house if not for that tackle - "it's a production issue. So maybe so." Jourdan, of course, said that's not a maybe that's happening. It hurt "real bad" he said, but "not enough to make me cut it. No way."

The dream of Manning to Britt is still alive.

More NFL scouts in the house Thursday night. Representatives from the Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns were all spotted at Rutgers Stadium. The Colts and Giants have been at Rutgers multiple times this season. The Browns representative was general manager Phil Savage.

Some faint praise for a few former Knights:

Guards Darnell Stapleton (quick but lacks power) and Chris Kemoeatu (strong as a bull) are solid but not spectacular.

Gary Gibson gives good effort but there aren’t that many plays to show for it.