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Deep breath

Binghamton 66, Rutgers 56.

I wanted Fred Hill to succeed. I really did. Everyone did.

Ok, it's still early in the season. The Rosario/Echenique combo looks extremely promising. Gary Waters left the program in shambles when he left, as it has been for a long time.

However, this loss might just be the last straw for a weary Rutgers basketball fanbase that has had little to cheer for as of late. Fred Hill is Craig Littlepage with better recruiting classes. After three years, you should know whether a coach is going to be successful or not, and I cannot see Fred Hill turning this around. The bottom line is that Hill was and will be a great assistant, but he is not a Big East-caliber head coach.

Rutgers fans are not asking for much. The Big East is really good, that's understood. It's one thing to lose in-conference. There is not one legitimate scenario, not one, where it is acceptable to lose to St. Bonaventure, Lehigh, and Binghamton at home. Not one. End of story. That is not impatience, that's reality. There is no longer any chance of Hill working out.

Rutgers alum Eddie Jordan is sitting right out there. It's time to start putting feelers out through back channels.

Will the last fan at the RAC please turn out the lights?