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Motown blues

Teel pulled a Leonard and conducted the band with the mascot's sword? Good times.

Reading about the Motor City Bowl being interested in your favorite team is a bit like hearing that the Lions were interested in Ray Rice. Just no. RU played Ball State last year, it's Detroit, and NC State is a bigger name. I hope this is just wishful thinking on their part, and if it's not, RU puts a kibbosh on this proposal.

Aditi is very fond of Mike Teel.

For four years now, Mike has genuinely helped me do my job. He is everybody's go-to quote, patiently waiting out every questioner, sincerely thinking about what someone's asked and always stringing together coherent, intelligent thoughts. He's very bright, he jokes around and he'll engage you in non-Rutgers conversation. He's never shied away from the press, or begged off a session, no matter how nasty things have gotten (and they've gotten nasty). He's the type of kid you want to write about too. He has a dogged work ethic and is so committed to what he does. He is the consummate teammate and he has NEVER publicly talked about a dropped pass or a missed block. (And lest you think that's not special, I covered a quarterback who regularly did that.)

The new issue of SI has a photo of RU football players Blaze and McGovern volunteering with the Special Olympics in Trenton. has a different photo up of Tverdov and Hardison.

If you're still looking for a football fix, there are a couple state championship games at RU stadium this weekend.

Applications to RU are up, again.

At Rutgers University, applications have increased by 20 percent, with 22,761 applications for first-time freshmen, compared with 18,974 last year at this time, said Courtney McAnuff, vice president for enrollment management. The freshman class is 6,200.

"We're expecting an increased demand and significant growth within the next few years," McAnuff said. Officials are hoping to add 2,000 more beds to dormitories on the New Brunswick campus by 2010.

The Zimmerli museum has a new exhibit featuring book illustrations.