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This Week on Grey's Anatomy


Liveblog starting at kickoff or thereabouts.

7:49 - That was fast. Good kickoff return, a nice run by Jordan Brooks, and two crisp passes from Teel to Underwood. Not a good start for the Louisville defense. Kordell Young is out with a head injury.

8:01 - Bolen is a really bad matchup for RU's defense. They are getting some crucial conversions on 3rd down, including one deflected ball. Huge play right now where WR Josh Chichester was about to score, but Courtney Greene forced a fumble right at the goal line.

8:08 - Have to keep in mind that Louisville is down a starting CB tonight. And there's Britt for the TD on the reverse. Offense is making it look too easy out there, the deep ball can't miss.

8:31 - Victor Anderson broke a big kick return. The offensive line is getting no push in the running game. Defense is finally getting to Brohm (Westerman had a bad late hit tough), and he's forcing throws. Louisville misses the FG, did RU get a piece of it?

8:33 - Man, are we using a lot of shotgun tonight. And there's a huge bomb on third down to Timmy Brown for the TD. Great, great throw by Teel, possibly one of his best of the year. He hit Brown in stride right over the shoulder. Balls of steel on that call.

8:43 - Ummm. Is Sean Payton coaching Louisville? There are no words. That fourth down call was horrendous. Now RU takes over at the Lousville 35.

8:50 - That's the TD record. Teel had some bad overthrows on that drive, not like it matters.

9:01 - Brooks has some jets. Gotta cut those dreads.

9:04 - Ok, Natale time. Sorry Britt, you shouldn't get to pad your stats tonight.

9:07 - OMG! Meredith just asked Dr. Hunt out!

9:18 - 49-0? Are we going to have another talk about running up the score tomorrow?

9:33 - Do not put Teel back in. Unless it's to punt.

9:48 - Ron English was complaining to Schiano about running up the score according to the announcers. GS has always said that he doesn't think it counts as running it up in the first half.

9:59 - Britt TD. Come on, this game's over. You proved your point. Get the starters out before someone gets hurt.