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Prognosis: Hazy

I'm not going to the game tonight. I will be liveblogging it here though. Until Grey's Anatomy starts. I can't miss my weekly dose of McDreamy.

It's not RU-related, but I was absolutely floored to learn yesterday that Auburn fired Tommy Tuberville. That has to be one of the worst college football decisions in years. What's truly sad about the whole bit is that their fanbase was largely behind Tuberville, but he was forced out because he didn't kowtow to the whims of uber-trustee Bobby Lowder.

I'm just aghast, because New Jersey might as well be on another planet as compared to the SEC, in more ways than one. Alex Kroll sponsors a few extra sections for football players at Rutgers and it warrants a scathing editorial in the Daily Targum. A lot of these schools are on probation all the time, and they're in a never-ending arms race, in a continual game of upping the ante. Now Auburn is going to spend millions on the Mike Leachs of the world when the economy is collapsing? I love watching football, but that is not an experience/collective insanity that I would ever want to be a part of.

More on Vidal Hazelton: I missed this article from Tuesday night:

Rumors abounded that Vidal Hazelton may be wanted at Tennessee by new head coach Lane Kiffin, who helped recruit Hazelton to USC.

"I'd rather get him out here on the East Coast," Dexter said. "I'd love to get him to Rutgers, but I know he's not convinced yet."

Of course, his stepfather Dexter Hazelton also wanted him to originally attend PSU. But the ball could be in our court here. Further complicating matters is that Hazelton already has played three years, and will be able to redshirt next year and have one season of eligibility remaining. I thought taking Witherspoon a few months ago was a slam dunk. This isn't.

N.C. State wants to play a Big East opponent in the Bowl. They can only take an at-large team if Troy wins this weekend.

Hooray! Men's BB didn't lose to Rider (kill me).

The Giants have signed Mike Fladell to their practice squad.

Shaun O'Hara was rocking the RU cap at a press conference yesterday.