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House of Cards

What more can I say?

Rutgers scored at will tonight. Louisville's offense was driving a bit early, but quickly shot itself in the foot on every conceivable level. Courtney Greene had his best game of the season, it's nice to see him back again. I expected RU to win big ala Cincy in '05, and they played extraordinarily well in all facets of the game.

Before RU fans pat ourselves on the back too much, you have to concede that this was a defeated Louisville team out there tonight. They showed absolutely no heart. Louisville looked far, far worse than Army did a few weeks ago. The difference is that those gritty, tough Black Knights don't have an ounce of quit in them. Quitting is all Louisville did in this game.

I think this was a fairly strong endorsement that Steve Kragthorpe did resign earlier in the week, because Louisville was quick to the mat after one punch at their glass jaw. I almost got the feeling that Ron English was more worried about this game destroying his prospects for being a head coach at a midmajor next season than the actual results on the field.