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The last step is acceptance

Operation sabotage is over.

My half-hearted, unserious campaign to deflect hype away from Kenny Britt is over. From the beginning, it was more of a running gag, and an excuse not to make a comparison between Britt and Michael Crabtree. I've thought all along that Britt will be off to the NFL after this. In fact, I've thought he was a three year player since his emergence late in 2006.

Why formally abandon it? In case you've been living under a rock during the past few days, the Super Bowl Champion New York Football Giants may soon be in the market for a tall, lanky receiver to catch jump balls from Eli Manning. I could not think of a more ideal fit. If he is a goner, then a plurality of the Rutgers fanbase would love for him to stay home wearing Giants blue.

Kudos to Richard McCormick for giving an interview to Sherman and Margolin from the Star-Ledger. Reading that article, it seems like playing ball with the press and giving them access does result in much more favorable coverage.

Regarding the comments by a couple state legislators, it's too much of a question mark right now to speculate on. Maybe they sincerely want to help, and maybe they're just looking for the spotlight. It should be pointed out that state aid to Rutgers has fallen dramatically in recent years, predating the 2008 financial crisis. New Jersey has been in a fiscal mess for some time.

The latest on the BE bowl situation is that Pitt made things a lot more complicated by beating West Virginia on Friday. If Pitt beats UConn, Rutgers unfortunately could be headed to Birmingham now. Apparently the Sun Bowl doesn't have to worry much about ticket sales, and LeSean McCoy is a big draw. I wonder whether the BE could broker a trade of RU to an at-large bowl. Shreveport? Detroit or on the West Coast could be a no go.

I was going to remind everyone today that Louisville returned their ticket allotment a few weeks back. However, I checked and nothing appears to be available.

Many players couldn't go home for Thanksgiving, because the football team had practice on Saturday.

Expectations are not very high for Rutgers basketball this year. There is no excuse, whatsoever, for losing consecutive games at home to St. Bonaventure and Lehigh. We shouldn't have to sweat games with St. Peter's.

RU fans have to be holding their breath after Gary Brackett left the Indianapolis game on Sunday with an ankle injury. I'm told that Eric Foster had a nice hit on Braylon Edwards during that game too.